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29 August 2012

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Phishing Sites- How to Avoid them?

phishing sitesTechnology has provided more and more venues for people to do transactions. It opened a lot of bridges for people from all around the globe.
On the other hand, not all people are using this for the good of mankind. In fact, there are still those who abuse it and use it to deceive others. Consumers nowadays should be more observant of the things that they are going to deal with and here are a few ideas to avoid them.
Be suspicious. Never trust all the messages that are getting in to your inbox. Make sure that you check the background of the mail before opening it.
It can harm you even if your closest friend was the one who sent it. You can verify by asking the person sending it. Send them personal messages to know whether they really sent the item.

If you were not able to check this, just make sure that you have a strong anti-virus that can filter the negative things that you got from the items sent to you. Reformat the unit if you already have much of the virus.
Do not disclose any personal information. This is one of the most dangerous things that you can do with the advent of high speed internet today. It is easy to stop the banks from all of the transactions but you cannot make it happen when you are not able to notice the ideas too fast.
Filling up their forms will not make you so sure that you will have a flawless transaction. In fact, this is the main way of scammers to get the information from you and make use of it to get the balances on your accounts.
One way to do this safely is by telling your desired company the information through phone calls or better yet, personally. This will help you know them more and see for yourself whether they really deserve your time and effort.
Install only credited and reliable applications. This will help you screen the possible people that might endanger your accounts.
Do this by making sure that the people that you are going to transact with are those with credibility and those which have customers who will be willing to give you feedbacks regarding their services.
Your experience will not always be perfect. You will have downsides, too, but make sure that you learn from them. Spread the word if you were able to encounter phishing sites so that more will be more aware.
Report to authorities such instances. They can do the job better than anybody else. They can immediately track the record of the site and ban it immediately.
There are several agencies for any government that can handle this. You will not spend anything for this. In fact, you can even receive rewards for this.
Also, they have the ability to make sure that phishing sites will no longer spread bad ideas. People who can possibly encounter these in the future may be eliminated.

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