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13 August 2011

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Modem Hacking and Its Security

modemModem hacking isn't a high profile security concern, but it represents a significant threat to both voice network and data networks. Modem hacking uses easy-to-acquire software to dial up every extension in a corporate voice network in order to find modems that have been left unsecured. A successful attack will identify one or more modems that give unauthorized individuals back door access to the corporate voice network. From there, all manner of threats can be launched to bring down the voice network and the data network. For solutions to prevent modem hacking, consider the ETM System® version 5.0 from SecureLogix®.

SecureLogix solves modem hacking problems for companies worldwide.

The SecureLogix Corporation has designed the ETM System to be a scalable and cost-effective telephony management solution that includes protection against modem hacking. It combines security applications with call accounting and performance management tools to provide the telephony manager with an integrated approach to fending off threats. The ETM System is helping solve modem hacking and other security issues for customers in practically every business vertical. At this time, the number of phone lines around the world protected by SecureLogix solutions exceeds one-half million.

Integrated security, performance and management applications:

The appeal of the ETM System 5.0 is not only in its effectiveness, but its ease of management as well. The solution is appliance based and features several applications that are both powerful and easy to use, reducing administrative burden while improving security for issues like modem hacking.

The front line protection is offered by Voice Firewall, a firewall designed specifically for voice networks, to detect and block attacks like modem hacking, toll fraud, unauthorized use, service abuse, and more. Voice IPS, an intrusion prevention system, offers additional security by alerting telecom managers in real-time when suspicious activity is occurring. The system also includes Call Recorder, which provides automatic recording of targeted calls.

The ETM System provides telecom managers with extraordinary call accounting capabilities. Usage Manager gives administrators a clear vision of system usage trends & can be helpful in identifying parts of the voice network that are vulnerable to modem hacking and other threats.

The Performance Manager provides a real-time look into the health of the voice network and the status of service. Because all current traffic can be viewed on a single console, Performance Manager gives telecom managers yet another tool for identifying and blocking threats.


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