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04 May 2011

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How to Hack a Computer Or Website Using MetaSploit?

metasploit-logoMetasploit is one of the greatest Hacking tools ever. It makes the hacking easy for the Script Kiddies (new hackers).The Metasploit Project is an open-source computer security project which provides information about security vulnerabilities and aids in penetration testing and IDS signature development. But Question comes How to use it to hack a computer?

What are the Metasploit Framework and the Metasploit Project ?

The Metasploit® Framework is a free, open source penetration testing solution developed by the open source community and Rapid7. It is the de-facto standard for penetration testing with more than one million unique downloads per year and the world’s largest, public database of quality assured exploits.

The term Metasploit Project encompasses the Metasploit Framework, the world’s leading penetration testing tool, and the community that fuels it. It is an open source project that provides penetration testing software, information on security vulnerabilities, and enables exploit code and IDS signature development.

The Metasploit Framework, developed in Ruby with some C and assembler components, is the actual development platform used to create security test tools and exploit modules and can also be used as a penetration testing system. It is an extremely powerful command-line tool that has released some of the most sophisticated exploits to public security vulnerabilities. It’s also known for its anti-forensic and evasion tools, which are built into the Metasploit Framework.

Who is Metasploit Framework for ?

If you’re running or responsible for any type of IT system that hackers or cyber criminals may want to break into, deface, or bring down for business or pleasure, Metasploit Framework is for you. The tool enables you to carry out penetration tests (often called “pentests”) on your own systems. This means you’re attacking your own systems in the same way a hacker would to identify security holes. Of course, you do this without actually harming the network.

Metasploit Framework comes in command-line as well as GUI version. This article will deal with the command-line version. Followings are the basic commands of Metasploit that you should Learn by Heart.

1: help (show the commands.)

2: show info XXXX (to show the information on specified XXXX value, that is can be exploit or payload)

3: show options ( to show the options for a exploit and payload. Like RHOST, LHOST)

4: show exploits/payloads (to get a list of exploits/payloads)

5: use XXXX (to select the name of the exploit.)

6: set XXXX (to set the value of RHOST, LHOST or payload)

7: exploit (to launch a exploit on targeted machine.)

Note: -To hack a computer using Metasploit first you should have the enough information of the target ­­including-

1: IP address

2: Open Ports

3: services running

4: Version of software running

All of these need a little work. A famous tool to do all of these is NMAP on which I have written some articles.

Now the first step is choosing a right exploit for the vulnerabilities in the machine. To determine the exploit for the attack you need all the things noted above. For example the computer is running a SMTP server on Port 25 and there is a exploit on it than you hack that computer.

To choose an exploit following command is there:

Use [exploits address . e.g. Exploit/windows/smtp/xxx. ]

Now you need a payload (payload is a piece of program that will be executed if vulnerability is exploited). To get a list of all the payloads available for the exploit Just type following command.

Show payloads

Now choose an appropriate a payload from it. The only thing left is to set the fields for the attack. List of Most Probable fields to be set is given bellow.

RHOST = The IP address of the computer to be attacked.

RPORT = The Port of the service to exploited (it set by default)

LHOST = The IP address of your computer (it set by default)

LPORT = The default port of your Metasploit program (it set by default)

Now the Last step is to type the following command and Launch attack to the computer.


After typing this command the attack will be launched and if vulnerability is successfully exploited the payload will be executed and a shell (you can take it as command prompt) will be launched which will allow you to do anything with the computer that you have attacked.

Download Metasploit Framework

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