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09 March 2015

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How to Hack Routers Remotely with Telnet?

hack remote routter using telnet Well Telnet is an network protocol that allows a user on one computer to log into another computer that is part of the same network etc. Now a days most of the routers have telnet services running on them by default, Thus this is a serious vulnerability that allows malicious users to connect to the router from anywhere in the world using default credentials, and can wreak havoc. Therefore If you call yourself a Hacker you must be able to do telnet. So today I will tell you about the simplest method to hack routers using telnet:-

How to Hack Routers Remotely Using Telnet?

1. First of all Download and Install Remote telnet scanner from the web and then proceed.

2. Now Go to ----> Start ----->Control Panel ------> Programs And Features -------->Turn Windows features on or off  ,now Check Telnet Client and Click  OK.

3. After it, run the remote telnet scanner for 20- 30 minutes and you will end up with 10 -20 telnet boxes etc.

4. Now you have your list of IP's with the telnet port open in telnet.txt as shown below.

telnet ip 5. Now open your telnet client and connect to the IPS, you will  be  prompted for a username and password, try the common user names and passwords like Admin, blank password or root, blank password.

6. You can also Google for the default username’s and passwords. Vola, now its up to you, but I enjoy using simple network tools like ipconfig and ping to map out the network, sometimes i have found routers that have nmap and telnet clients on.

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That’s it!


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