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20 October 2014

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As we know Whatsapp  is became most   popular app for chat ,sharing etc . Hence Today we will provide to you some Basic techniques which you can use for hacking someones Whatsapp Account . At the web you may have seen lots of tools which can hack whatsapp account but they ask for money and most of them are fake too .So don't waste your time at them use these tried and tested hacking techniques.


This method works every time with every kind of hacking. With this method you have to use a third party spyware. You Have to do just that

  1. Download a Spyware
  2. Put It Into Victim's Phone
  3. Install Spyware Application
  4. Access this app and give your email address and password
  5. Done
Now you have done all the difficult part of hacking. This Spyware will Provide you all Information about Victim

These are the Best Spyware Available at Web But These May Cost You


There are many Spyware in the Market But will Recommend  You Bosspy Because its Free. But if find got any Problem with  BOSSPY you can use these Spyware  too.
  1. All Whatsapp activity
  2. Facebook Account Detail including Facebook Messenger
  3. Screen Password
  4. Track GPS Location

  2. Stealth Genie - Paid App (Best Whatsapp Spy app for Android )
Stealth Genie is a top of the line application designed for smart phones. It can run on most modern day smart phones
  1. Perfect for people who want to monitor WhatsApp conversations
  2. Call audio recording (record all outgoing and incoming calls),
  3. Location tracking,
  4. Email monitoring,
  5.. Remotely control device and much more. 
 3. Mobile Spy-Paid App (Best Whatsapp Spy app for I-PHONE )
The following are some features of Mobile Spy: 

  1. Spy Camera,
  2.  Audio Recording,
  3. Text Message Reports,
  4 Contact Details,
  5. WhatsApp Reports,
  6. Picture Gallery,
  7.Social Network Monitoring (Facebook, Twitter, etc.),
  8.  GPS Location, and much more.

  4. SpyBubble (Paid App )

  1. SpyBubble  allows you to listen in on incoming and outgoing phone calls
  2. Text Message Reports,
  3. Contact Details,
  5. WhatsApp Reports,

Using Spyware apps are  the most commonly used technique for hack a whats app acount and this work perfectly. So i will recommend  you use these first than anything else But Most of apps are paid here . If You don't to pay i will some more whatsapp hacking Tricks soon here

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  1. iKeyMonitor can also spy WhatsApp messages.

  2. Wow really? i have also tried out his service he is very good and reliable , he was able to hack my boyfriends phone and he changed my grade, i would advice everyone if you need to track or hack your spouse phone or facebook is the man for the job


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